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We Are Currently : Available for Blogger and WordPress Work.

Let Us Decorate Your Blog at Very Fair Price

If you don't know how to edit your Blogger and WordPress blog templates and themes or don't want to play with boring codes, let us design and decorate your blog at very fair price. You can ask us to:
1. Redesign your current Blogger template
2. Decorate your blog with a new template/theme
3. Add any widget to your blog
4. Migrate your Blogger blog to WordPress
5. Change the layout of your current template
6. Redesign your WordPress blog
Our designs are SEO friendly and will give your blog a better on-page SEO. Additionally, you can get FREE assistant from us in setting up your custom domain on Blogger. If you are interested in getting our help for designing your blog.      Want To Spice Up Your Blog but don't have the time, cant manage to follow a tutorial or have a unique idea ? No problem you can sit back put up your feet and have the work done for you.Be it a Tutorial From Spice Up Your Blog Or Something you seen elsewhere, A gadget you seen on another blog or a complete professional makeover, we can help you out.

Yep we will dig into your template and make the changes to Spice Up Your Blogs Design or Performance exactly as you require.I'm Aamir khan and as the author of one of the most popular Blog, i have years of experience to provide.

So lets look at what we can do to give you an Amazing Blog !

As it is called Hire Us there is of course a charge for our time but i keep it as low as possible.You can pay safely via PayPal and we will be in touch throughout working together to deliver exactly what your looking for.

Prices - The price of work ranges from $10.From simply implementing a tutorial you may have seen on Spice Up Your Blog to completely making over your blog we can help.When you contact us give an outline of what you are looking for and i will give you a no obligation Quote.I have already completed an endless number of jobs and all involved were delighted with the results.

Example 1 - Seen a Gadget, Widget or other change you would like to add to your blog but are having trouble ?

Example 2 - Every Blog Should Be S.E.O. Optimized, we will add S.E.O. Optimized Titles, Descriptions, Short Descriptions and Tags to your blog.

Example 3 - Blogger Full Pack - This is a complete Blog Makeover Not only Design, Template, SEO, Social Media, Gadgets and more but also advice on best practice for your particular blog.The work does not stop until your happy and i am on hand even after the job has finished to answer any questions.Resources such as screen capture video are used to make the process as easy as possible.

These are just some of the services i offer however whatever you need we i will do my best to help and give a quote.

So what are you waiting for contact us......Contact details are at the end of this page!


    PenTest (short for Penetration Tester) is a service that offers the most current and up-to-date market service for an IT Security Audit of your site.

Components of the PenTest:
  •  Effective evaluation of your site in order to analyze all applicable exploits/vulnerabilities.
  •  Tests for SQL Injection (SQLI), XSS, Local/Remote File Inclusion and other exploits/vulnerabilities.
  •  Searching and testing of Shells, Rootkits and Backdoors on your server.
  •  Installation of patches to correct exploits/vulnerabilities.
  •  A detailed security report about your website and server.
  • Advice and recommendations from our specialists regarding the reduction of exploits/vulnerabilities on your site.

Details of the PenTest:
  • Secure and confidential scanning
  •  A service of Beyond Security, a PCI Approved Scanning Vendor.
  •  Nothing to download or install.
  •  No interruption for your visitors.

How does our PenTest differ from other Penetration Testers?
  • Our team consists of the best minds, who know firsthand what a vulnerability is.
  • Our vulnerability scans are carried out manually, where we analyze every line of code.
  • Our team does not use third-party software -- all our methods of analyzing are done in-house.
  •  We give a 100% guarantee that your source code will not be leaked from your site.

So what're you waiting for? Order today!
Contact details are at the end of this post.
Expect the PenTest to last anywhere from a week to a month (depending on the amount of files on the server and urgency of the request).

3) Blogger to WordPress Migration Service

Are you looking for an online service who could help you in migrating or moving your Blogger blog to WordPress? Then we are here to serve you. We offer our services at the most affordable price so don't care about your budget if it is low. We do the job with 100% guarantee and you need to pay us after we complete the task.

When you hire us to move your Blogger blog to WordPress, we guarantee the following.

100% SEO and Search Engine Traffic Retention

You will never loss even a single visitor which you were receiving on your Blogger blog. We guarantee that your blog will retain 100% of its SEO which you have done for it. So don't worry about your SERP rankings. We greatly care about it.

No Broken Links

The biggest problem, which bloggers face on migration from Blogger to WordPress, is the increased number of broken links. When you change the permalink structure on WordPress and make it similar to Blogger, still there will be a lot of links that will break. All Blogger posts, where the permalink was modified, will break. But we fix it using a solid command, so your blog doesn't get even a single broken link.

Retention of Design

We may retain your Blogger design too at a small additional cost. If you love your current Blogger template, then we can get you a similar WordPress theme after your blog is settled on your own hosting on WordPress.

So Ready to Move to WordPress?

If you have decided to move to WordPress, then we are the offering our services. We don't ask you to pay us in advance. You can pay us after your blog is moved to WordPress. So contact us now. We usually get to you within a few hours. Contact details are at the end of this page!


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