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Top SEO Tips for New Bloggers

Why you need SEO[search engine optimization]  for blogging? If you are a new blogger, you must be the first step to face this question. Blogging is one thing, but it was more like Google and other search engines.
You are a good blogger, but the first page of search results in the middle
class may fail. Blogging is an effective keywords and long tail keywords in the head, rather than selecting the inevitable.
 If you search for SEO tips, blogging, high positions in search engines as you, so that you can use, you will find this article very interesting read.

Top Basic SEO Tips for New Bloggers

It is necessary to introduce a new blogger to 7 tips for effective SEO discussed. 

1. Blog Name

When the name of your blog has a high ranking in the search engines is of great importance. As a result, you need to exercise care when choosing your blog's name. The name of your blog should be SEO friendly.

You first need to learn how to drive targeted traffic and SEO in order to realize the highest content of your blog name.

 2.Proper Keywords

This is to increase the ranking of your blog is also necessary when it comes to the use of keywords.

The following are the key words in the proper use of SEO tips

  • There is a critical need to be in your blog title.
  • You are the first and last paragraphs of your blog / sentences must have a keyword.
  • In the body of your blog at least 3, 4 are the key words.

What is Mean By keyword stuffing?

When using keywords, stuffing keywords to avoid. Keyword Stuffing is equivalent to spamming. In addition, there is no competition to choose the relevant words. Decrease and increase your ranking in competitive keywords, long-tail and increase your blog. 

3. Blog Title

Search engine optimization is the other factor to consider when looking at the title of the blog.

  • The name of the blog title is different from the blog.
  • The title of your blog, your blog is the first thing visitors see. Therefore, the title of your blog should be interesting and attractive.
  • The title of your blog if your blog is related to the fact that they allow your readers to know.

4. Sitemap

 Site Map blogs and sites rank higher in Google search results is one of the tools introduced by Google as a way to help. The site map allows search engines to crawl through your blog's topic.

 5. Use SEO Friendly Images

When the images need to be high in the search engine, but also pictures of the improper use can cost you the results. When using pictures, images, make sure to have a SEO friendly names.

6.Main Heading Style

The secret to make SEO friendly title tags to your style by using various types.

7.Social Networking

It's the other way search engines rank you high by letting your readers to share your content. Among others that can be used to increase your ranking on Google +, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter social network as there are different types of buttons. What are the positive effects of social media, SEO Read more?

Social networking buttons to share your articles to prevent your readers from the need to leave your page. This is your new blog too short for you to help get more traffic to a one of the best SEO.

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