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Top reasons to use ubuntu instead using windows

Its very common that many people argue why should you use ubuntu or other Linux distro when you are in the world of windows or mac(even i asked the same question when i got a thought to change to ubuntu linux). So why should you use ubuntu(or just give it a try).I also heard while so many people saying that linux sucks because it doesn't provide a good user interference and should deal with command lines, but its not true because ubuntu and other linux distro had changed a lot and even provides a good user interference. So, as a ubuntu lover i would like to give some reasons why you should use ubuntu or other linux distros(at least give it a try).

Its free: Yep!! ubuntu or other linux distro's are free and will be free always. They will surely save some grands isn't it.

No virus: When compared to windows ubuntu or other linux distro's are 99% more secure because linux will not recognize win32 executable's.

Evolve: By using ubuntu or other linux distributions you can evolve yourself in computing and internet.

Great performance: When compared to windows, ubuntu uses less system resources and gives you smooth performance. Unlike windows ubuntu runs on old pc's too.

Bug fix: You don't have to wait your life to get bugs fixed, you can track them easily from ubuntu community.

Free softwares: You don't have to use your dollars to buy softwares because all softwares are free!!! So that you are free from pirated softwares.

Highly Customizable: You can totally customize your desktop and other parts of ubuntu with ease, you can also make its desktop look like windows or mac or you can be more crazy with your own customization.

Easy Upgrades: Yes its true that you don't have to waste your time to upgrade your softwares individually because you can do it with only one application called update manager, thus using less system resources and getting great performance.

Ubuntu community: One of the greatest and biggest community which helps in providing you with support and answers to your questions and doubts.

All in one: You don't have to install different softwares like MS office, chat applications, photo editing etc..., because ubuntu comes with free(equal and even better then your paid softwares) and pre installed softwares, So that you can start your work right away.

Games: Who said linux is not for gamers, linux has 100's and 1000's of games which you can get for free of charge i.e they are open source.

The reasons i showed here are just foot of a mountain, if you are a ubuntu or linux lover(windows and mac user too) share your views.
Hope you enjoy linux distro's and please support ubuntu.

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