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BlackBerry Phone Secret Codes

Here are some of the secret codes you need to know to get the best out of your blackberry phone...

1. Decibel meter.
Shows your signal strength in decibels instead of bars.
Hold “Alt” and press “NMLL” (repeat to reverse the effect).

2. Address Book file verification.
Checks the data in your Address Book for inconsistencies.
Hold “Alt” and press “VALD” in the Address Book.

3. Address Book data structure rebuild.
Forces a data structure re-build in the Address Book.
Hold “Alt” and press “RBLD” in the Address Book.

4. View source code.
Shows the source code of a Web page.
Hold “Alt” and press “RBVS” in the Address Book.

5. Help Me! menu.
Provides crucial technical information about your device.
Hold “Alt” and (left) “shift”, then press “H”.

6. IMEI number.
Shows your device’s international mobile equipment identity (IMEI – your serial number) on-screen.
Type “*#06#” on the home screen.

7. “Soft” reset.
Performs a “soft” reset of your device; the equivalent of doing a “battery pull” (ie. Removing the battery for a few seconds).
Press-and-hold “Alt”, then press-and-hold (left) “shift”, then press-and-hold “Del”.

8. Event Log.
Shows event logs of all the system-level events that occur on your cell phone.
Hold “Alt” and press “LGLG”.

In some cases, you will need to be on the Home screen when you enter these codes:
A or C = phonebook
S = search
F = phone profiles
W or B = browser
H = help
K = locks the keys
L = calendar
V = messages
M = messages folder
R = alarm
T = tasks
U = calculator
I = applications
O = options
P = phone.
T – Top of page (in browser)
B – Bottom of page (in browser)
Space – Page down (in browser)
ALT + Right Shift + Del = hard reset
D – Memo pad
U – Switch between hide/unhide in title bar (in browser)
ALT + NMLL = numbers instead of bars for signal strength

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