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With Hallowe'en fast approaching, you may be wondering yet again how to do full-face makeup that will last through an event. This article is intended to take you through the steps necessary to apply your makeup and take some of the  mystery out of the process. The technique described here is the one I use for all of my full-face makeups; I developed it as part of my transformation into "Debra Taunt" ( my female impersonation character), so I know it can survive several hours of heat and perspiration. I first learned it from a book entitled Makeup by Rex (or something close to that) which was aimed at taking the mystery out of basic women's daily street makeup. If you come across a copy of this book (it's a paperback) snap it up; the advice on color is dated, but many of the tips and techniques for reshaping the contours of a face are very useful. This article will not spend much time discussing color choice and design; if you're designing a fantasy makeup, the tips won't apply, and there isn't space to discuss all the effects different color designs will have on your eye and facial expression. It will describe the basic steps required to apply the color and keep it on.
Draw in your eyebrows. For a natural look, sharpen your pencil, blunt the tip  slightly, and use short strokes to imitate the way eyebrow hairs grow.  Alternatively, if you simply wish to accent your real eyebrows, use an old  (clean!) soft toothbrush and a little mascara to color them. If you will be using mascara, apply one coat to your upper lashes now. Yes,  it's traditional to apply mascara last, but if you're a klutz like me it's  reassuring to know you can't smudge everything you just worked so hard  on! This also brings your eyes out from the blank background of your  foundation, making it a little easier to apply other colors around them. You  may or may not choose to mascara your lower lashes as well.  An eyelash comb can be used here to separate the lashes after you apply  the mascara, making them less spiky and more real looking. If you make a mistake, dip a swab in eye makeup remover or baby oil and  immediately clean it off. Blot off the excess remover with tissue, pat the  cleaned region with your foundation sponge to patch the hole if necessary,  and pat it with the cotton used for applying powder if it's shiny.   Touch ups:  If you are going to be active, take along whatever lip sealer you  used, your mascara, possibly your contour colors (and a brush!), and a  compact of translucent powder(pressed is ok at this point). If you have  room, tuck in your foundation and one clean sponge. You should be able  to repair most damage with just that. If your eye colors are in one of those combination compacts and you have room, what the hey! Toss it in, too! 


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