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Free Download Tekken 5 PC RIP Full Version Games (430MB)

Tekken 5 Free Games Download-Who did not familiar with the Tekken game? Gamers who have a gaming device Sony and Microsoft would never miss a franchise follow this one. But different things actually happened to Nintendo gamers. Tekken big names only once alighted on Nintedo 16 years ago, through Tekken Advance for the GBA. Namco Bandai Tekken time preparing 3D Prime Edition is scheduled to be released for the Nintendo 3DS. After waiting long enough, eventually Nintendo gamers can feel the power of punches Heihachi and Yoshimitsu sword skills in their gaming devices.

Tekken Journey
Long Journey Tekken series is one of the best examples of video games beloved "some people punching and kicking the shit out of each other" genre.Dengan latest release of Tekken 6 we have decided to look back at history waralaba.Dan because the eye is really grounded candy is a proud tradition of fighting game genre we have decided to look back in history as well.

Of course, it does not affect 99% of the people who play against the game by mashing buttons at random and hope for the best, but it prevents Tekken 4 from the critically acclaimed series has become accustomed.

Tekken 5 (PS2)
Tekken 5 was released in 2005. Tekken 5 is a form to return to the series, because it received critical success and sold well.

It turned out to be one of the most fun watching the game on the Playstation 2, the deficiencies in the game it is addressed and some Tekken 4 is more experimental features that are toned down.
In addition, the game offers a huge cast of characters and not much better variety mode.Rilis tenth anniversary this proved to be a game that many people who hope to Tekken 4, and has performed well against many other fighting games that flooded the market around this time.

Unfortunately, of all the qualities that can be presented, Tekken: Blood Vengeance comes with a fatal weakness. Voice acting, especially from the English version, really bad. Although the advanced CGI technology is now able to bring diverse faces full of expression, voice acting of each character it is often flat with no emotion, makes a variety of emotional messages that should be able to make the story appear more alive, just shattered. Voice bad acts is not able to bring a unique personality of each character available.

Minimum system requirements :
* CPU: 2.0Ghz Pentium IV
* RAM: 512MB
* Video Card: 128MB 2.0 Shader
* Hard Disk: 100MB free space
* Operating System: XP/Vista/Seven with DirectX 9

Recommended Requirements :
* CPU: 3.0Ghz Pentium IV
* RAM: 1GB
* Video Card: 256MB 3.0 Shader
* Hard Disk: 300MB free space
* Operating System: XP/Vista/Seven with DirectX 10

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