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Best Android Apps in 2012


For the list of 5 Stars! I’m always grateful when people bring some light into the darkness of the jungle App. The net is already full enough with Top 20 lists (from 10x Google Apps and the rest are on Skype, Firefox, Dropbox, etc.). Here is our best android apps list!
Do you have the best Android apps on your phone right now? If you think you don’t, then it’s time that you download them to your Android device.

  • 3G Watchdog System Tools 
    Measure the traffic. Alternative: Counter Network , which analyzes each app individually.
  • 90elf; Sports / News 
    New, very successful football app with a lot of potential and still some bugs
  • Abduction!; Game 
    A subtly loopy cow game. Funny, is fun, but short-lived.
  • Adobe Photoshop Express; Graphics / Office 
    Minimized version of its big brother with the most important editing functions.
  • Adobe Reader; Graphics / Office 
    read PDF files on the Android Market.
  • Air Control; Game 
    play air traffic controller and determine the approach route with your finger. Cool game!
  • Air Penguin Game 
    Pilot a penguin from one ice floe to another. Funny and well made.
  • Alchemy Game 
    From discovering the basic elements Air, Earth, Fire, Water 360 new items.
  • Amtalee; Game 
    One type of puzzle where you have to bring a box into the goal. Tricky!
  • Android Assistant; System Tools 
    Optimize Your Android 14 with practical tools. Makes sense, free, great!
  • Androidify; Graphics / Entertainment 
    Design your own Android logo. Quite funny, but entertaining.
  • Angry Birds Rio; Game 
    The sequel to the popular game. Is even better than its predecessor.
  • Angry Birds Season Game 
    Another version of Angry Birds. Is addictive as well.
  • Angry Birds Space New; Game 
    Angry Birds is growing up! It’s all a matter of gravity.
  • APW Google Reader; News / Widget 
    widget An interestingly designed for the “new” Google Reader
  • Astrid Tasks; Office 
    Task Scheduler and a handy to-do list. Helpful.
  • Astro File Manager; System Tools 
    is a very good, recommendable Explorer for Android.
  • Away game; Sports / Game 
    Great idea, great info for a small audience but still.
  • barcoo; Shopping 
    An excellent program, perfect for every purchase. Recommended.
  • Bebbled; Game 
    Again such an addictive game Blubberblasen.
  • Blast Monkeys; Game 
    The game is really tricky, it is fun and is addictive.
  • Brothers in Arms 2; Game 
    A 3D shooter for free. A little notchy, but a good implementation!
  • Bubble Ball; Game 
    Cool puzzle game! For gamers with a penchant for Puzzle just right.
  • Bubble Blast 2  Game 
    start a chain reaction with blisters. Extremely addictive.
  • cab4me taxi search navigation 
    For frequent travelers with the necessary change is indispensable.
  • Camera 360; Graphics / Camera 
    Very interesting camera app with successful effects!
  • CamScanner; Office / graphic 
    make picture, edit picture, convert to PDF, save or upload to the Web
  • Cheese Tower New Game 
    A successful game – good music, great idea. A kind of Tetris with cheese and mice
  • c: geo; Navigation / Entertainment 
    For geocasher an absolute must. Unfortunately, a little slow in building.
  • ConvertPad; Office 
    Converts various values. Practical and comprehensive.
  • CopyCat; Game 
    Addictive and is reminiscent of the principle: I’m packing my bags .
  • Currents newly News 
    A new newsreader from the house … yes, once again Google.
  • Dƒâ€ž & DU  Camera app / game 
    for the fans doctors who always wanted to have a photo with BFR.
  • The Local Office 
    A very good alternative to the Yellow Pages .
  • DB Navigator; Navigation 
    for car-driver is an absolute must.
  • German Bundestag; News 
    Very good app with important news and backgrounds.
  • The best in the world aePP; Game 
    For dieƒÂ¤rzte fans a must. For all other a 5-second fun.
  • Diversion; Game 
    Very cool platformer game in 3D look.
  • Doodle; Office / survey tool 
    , the survey tool known for an appointment now for Android. TOP!
  • Dropbox; Office / System Tools 
    for users of the service obligation. Solid, but not yet fully developed.
  • EVAC  Game 
    Crosses the game Pacman and the movie Tron , and you get a great game.
  • Evernote  Office / Calendar / Tasks 
    At last, a very good memo function, after I’ve been looking for.
  • Facebook Social Network 
    Not mature and a bit buggy – a shame, but still worth mentioning!
  • Fancy Widgets; System Tools / widgets 
    widgets graphically very successful with all sorts of details and features
  • Began Network Tools new; System Tools / widgets 
    A must for every Netzwerkler. Many helpful tools. Terrific!
  • Firefox Internet Browser / System Tools 
    Firefox in a stable, well-running version of Android. Better: Opera
  • Floating Image  Graphics / Camera 
    An alternative, very nice looking picture with free-floating pictures.
  • Wife Swap Soundboard Game 
    Who Andreas from “Wife Swap” knows, this app will certainly find funny.
  • FxCamera  Graphics / Camera 
    Hipstamatic app for Android. Polaroid, nostalgic photos, etc. Class!
  • foursquare navigation 
    The official Foursquare app. Unfortunately, not in German, otherwise all right.
  • Game Dev Story; Game 
    Similar to Hot Springs Story good economic simulation that captivates.
  • Yellow Pages; Office 
    of tomes as recommended Android app. Alternative: The Local
  • Go launcher; System Tools / Launcher 
    The home screens in a wonderful new design. Many configs available.
  • Google + Social Network 
    The new Facebook is on there and compete with equally good app launch
  • Google Earth New; Navigation 
    Amazingly good implementation for Android. Description? Self-explanatory.
  • Google Goggles; Office / Graphics 
    The most sinister program ever. Try it and just marvel!
  • Google Reader  News / RSS / Entertainment 
    RSS News Feeds perfectly staged. A look at this app is worth.
  • Google Translator; Office / Language 
    Translator for a good whole sentences. Better for individual words: Leo Dictionary
  • Golem IT news ticker; News 
    releases from the Golem computer-editing now available as an app. Small, but nice.
  • GPS Status; Navigation / Control tool 
    Does exactly what the title promises. Also: a practical compass.
  • gStrings; Music / Entertainment 
    The Plek always there, but a tuner for the instrument? Allows you go!
  •; Shopping 
    Compare prices at online stores or via local search (!), supports barcode scanning
  • H; News 
    The best and most important (German) news from the computer industry.
  • Gulli! News; News 
    releases from the IT industry, mostly outside the mainstream
  • Executioner new; Game 
    Hangman in German – Amusing, is fun!
  • Hot Springs Story; Game 
    Addictive economic simulation (also good: Game Dev Story )
  • IMDb Movies & TV; video / entertainment 
    access to the world’s largest movie database IMDb. Trailer function and more. Best!
  • Instagram new  Graphics / Photography / Social Network 
    Makes more humor than it first looks. Recommended!
  • JEFIT  Sports 
    Extensive app on the topic of sports. Unfortunately, not in German.
  • Jorte; Calendar / Tasks / Office 
    A calendar better than the original? Yes it can. And graphically appealing.
  • MyJuke Music 
    13 million songs (better than Napstar!); off, 14 day free trial. Is it worth!
  • K-9 Mail; e-mail/Messenger/Office 
    indispensable e-mail program. Dominated IMAP folder, and also correct.
  • Cinema radar; Films / Video / Entertainment / Navigation 
    What is with me around the corner? Which movie theaters, what movies, what times?Super!
  • KeePassDroid; Office / language 
    The coveted encryption program for the Android. Excellent, important!
  • kicker online; Sports / News 
    A coveted football app, but even better, ran
  • Cooking with gofeminin new recipes 
    Wonderful app – no standard recipe, but easy to understand
  • Radio; music / entertainment 
    “user-generated radio” – a very nice radio project.
  • Leo Dictionary; Office / language 
    The dictionary now outstanding in an Android app. Must.
  • Lightbox; Graphics 
    alternative, well-done photo gallery for memory card and Social Networks
  • Lighter; System Tools 
    This virtual lighter may at any Bon Jovi concert are missing.
  • Line of 4; Game 
    A classic 4-a-row game, but with grottiger graphics. Otherwise Top
  • LinkedIn New; Business Networking / Social Networking 
    Some believe, LinkedIn, Xing in Germany will one day overrun.
  • Llama system extension 
    using the Automatic Profiles transmission tower / WiFi location. Ge-ni-al!
  • Locus; Navigation 
    Grandiose Map-/Tracking-App with offline functionality. Very extensive!
  • Lookout Mobile Security; antivirus / System Tools 
    If your newly installed app cleanly? Lookout automatically checked. Virtually!
  • Magic Marker; Graphics / Entertainment 
    Painting with neon colors. Colourful, entertaining and that’s it for now.
  • Maps Navigation 
    The established online map from Google. Impeccable implementation for Android.
  • Meganoid; Game 
    Since coming to 80s/90s feeling! With 300 levels of damn extensive.
  • Millionaire; Game 
    Over 3,000 questions in the style of the famous TV show
  • My Tracks; Navigation 
    Grandiose app that records a GPS track, and for example, maps prepared.
  • Minimalistic Text; system expansion 
    Create your own text widgets. Elegant design. The creation is complicated.
  • Mister X Mobile; Game / navigation 
    Damn cool offshoot of the board game. Unfortunately, with a few quirks GPS.
  •; Navigation / Community 
    now available for Android: Carpooling by app. Managed class.
  • Mobile Metronome; Music 
    for a very good musician metronome. Simply fulfills all the functions.
  • Mobisle Notes; Office 
    Visually appealing design and content notes and to-do app
  • Moon Chaser; Game 
    Funny platformer. Is it worth to play it!
  • n-tv news 
    After the evening news , the best app for Android a news medium.
  • Counter Network Tools Control 
    the traffic each app to keep an eye perfectly. Super!
  • Noom; Sports 
    Ideal program for losing weight. Comprehensive, implemented brilliantly.
  • Notes; Office / System Expansion 
    Small yellow Post-it sticky notes as a widget. Sufficient as a shopping list.
  • ƒâ€“ffi; navigation 
    route planner for public transport. Excellent for large cities.
  • Open Signal Maps System Tools 
    Live map of FunkmƒÂ¤sten and wireless routers. Good, but still expandable!
  • OruxMaps; navigation / geocaching 
    from complexity better than c: geo – but no connection
  • Paper Toss Game 
    entertaining news, right-sided game. Still, great for in between!
  • Paradise Iceland; Game 
    … and I’m Angry Birds is addictive. Kracher game. Empfehlensert!
  • Photaf 3D; Graphics / Entertainment 
    panoramic photos with your phone, shoot. Easy to use. Good!
  • Piwik; Office / website tool 
    for users of the better alternative to Google Analytics recommended.
  • Plumber Game 
    Play a plumber, and lay the pipes so that water is flowing properly.
  • Pollen-radar new; Weather / knowledge 
    A highly recommended for every app with allergies! With zip code search. Best!
  • Pollen Forecast new; Weather / knowledge 
    is also this app is gold value for allergy sufferers. I speak from experience.
  • Pong multitouch; Game 
    The classic game! For two people in an Android.
  • Post mobile  Office / Shopping 
    extremely practical: the mailbox store and search, tracking and more.
  • Pulse News  News 
    Probably the most elegant version for Android, to present the news.
  • Publikative; News 
    App of the Amadeu Antonio Foundation , which educates young people on the right-wing extremist scene.
  • Reviews; Shopping / navigation 
    … trying to make Google Places competition. Sometimes it is possible the app.
  • Moto Racing Game 
    motorcycling. Is controlled by the tilt sensor. Pretty tricky.
  • ran; Sports / News 
    Probably the best soccer app for Android. Very extensive!
  • Reactor; Game 
    Successful two-player app on one screen.
  • RealCalc Office 
    A more extensive scientific calculator
  • Reversi game 
    Successful implementation of board game, but only to the second is really fun.
  • Scitch; graphics 
    make photo (or choose from the album) and provided with information quickly.
  • Scrubs new; Game 
    grandiose: the app for the television series with real attention to detail
  • Shazam Sound 
    What’s the name of this song on the radio? This easy to figure out you go.
  • Short Notes; Office 
    A notepad for Android. Ported from the iPhone, good implementation.
  • Simple Calendar Widget; calendar / widget 
    Sometimes less is more! Great calendar widget. Definitely worth it.
  • skobbler; GPS / Navigation 
    ingenious navigation app (with OSM), which unfortunately no longer developed wrd.
  • Skype; Messenger 
    chat and free calls. This goes well with the Android and Skype.
  • SoundHound; Sound 
    Meets The same game as Shazam . Both apps work amazingly well.
  • Spaghetti Marshmallows; Game 
    towers with spaghetti inserted into marshmallows to build. Tricky. Great game!
  • Speedx 3D; Game 
    Here are prompted quick responses. Try it and have fun!
  • Spiegel Online; News 
    Spiegel Online for Android. Interesting off-line mode of individual items
  • Sports Show new ; News / Sport 
    Exemplary sports app, including live-ticker and live audio stream
  • Jam mobile navigation 
    Super: ADAC current traffic information display with Google Maps
  • Super Dynamite Fishing game 
    The name says it all. Successful graphics, fast-paced game.
  • Super Sonic game 
    Like SpeedX 3D - here is speed demand. Time try!
  • Switch; Game 
    With fast Android device a nice, entertaining racer.
  • Evening news; News 
    Reliable and well implemented! The best news app is a must.
  • Temple Run New; Game 
    Incredibly good 3D app – The goal? Race, just what it takes. Addiction maker.
  • new; Support / Knowledge / lexicon 
    name says it all: Test Summaries allmƒÂ¶glicher Products
  • Secure Text Messaging Encryption / 
    Encrypt SMS right. Very interesting, but still in beta status.
  • The Moron Test; Game 
    Simple, yet one of the best, craziest games of the year!
  • Traffic Monitor; System Tools 
    How much data traffic require the individual apps? Excellent!
  • Tricorder; Game / System Tools 
    For Trekkies mandatory, who wander on other planets.
  • TuneIn radio sound 
    The best radio program in the market with more than 40,000 stations. TOP!
  • TV Guide Germany  News / Entertainment 
    A simple television program. Great.
  • TV movie; News / Entertainment 
    Also a top app around the television.
  • TK-Clinic Guide; Navigation / health 
    app Surprisingly good. Recommended not only for TK-members!
  • Twitter;Social Network 
    The new official app rocks all the competitors from their chairs. Class!
  • Uloops Studio Sound 
    compose music on Android. Great, BUT is difficult and has quirks.
  • UN; Game 
    The classic as an app … and what makes it so damn addictive. With multiplayer!
  • Vimeo new video 
    A better YouTube – here is one of quality, not quantity
  • Wapedia; Office / Lexicon 
    The fast and easy access to the Wikipedia Encyclopedia
  • Waze; GPS / navigation / traffic 
    crowdsourcing for traffic. Great idea, IF the community plays along.
  • What power?; System Tools 
    , the provider behind a number (also interviewed Ports / Reseller)
  • Who is poor?; Game 
    Like a Millionaire game show, a quiz with questions at least 1200
  • optional-o-mat; Knowledge 
    Excellent App of the Federal Agency for Civic Education
  •; Knowledge / Glossary 
    One of the many weather apps, which is not much different from others.
  • WhatsApp Messenger 
    A mixture of SMS and chat. Excellent, especially since the shipping is free.
  • Widgetsoid; Widgets / System Tools 
    Combines numerous, very handy widgets in DIY.
  • WiFi Analyzer System Tools 
    Perfect to optimize the wireless router. Studied example for the best channel.
  • Wikitude navigation 
    It describes itself as “augmented reality” and that’s it! Really terrific app.
  • Word Match Game 
    FINALLY a German Scrabble version for Android.
  • WordPress; Office / Site Tool 
    For Blog operator ideal to write articles and manage comments.
  • XING; Social Network 
    Extensive, well-executed app of the business network Xing.
  • YouTube; video / entertainment 
    now indispensable: The YouTube App for Android.
  • ZDFmediathek; Video / Entertainment 
    In the news now, the ZDF has a good app with a lot of videos

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