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How to Run ANDROID Apps on IPhone & IPAD 2 Ways [ Pics & Video Guide]

For ages we had been porting one smartphone OS to another, and for good reasons you can already install Android on iPhone


1st way- Run ANDROID Apps on IPhone 3G-3Gs-4G & IPAD.
However, the new trend is to actually run Android apps on different platforms and Blackberry was the first one to Run Android apps on Playbook Blackberry tablet using Alien Dalvik. And the good news for the iPhone lovers is just around the corner, actual android apps can now be run on iPhone using In-the-box VM. However, its not as straight forward.
In order to run Android apps on iPhone, you would need a good understanding of both operating systems and nuances required to port applications from Android to Apple’s OS.
While the porting process may not be as smooth or as easy as one might hope it to be, the idea is indeed a good start. Anything that gives developers more time to code great apps instead of spending time writing the same one twice is a good thing.
In the box is a dalvik vm ported to iOS that can run any android app, for now just the basic apps. All you have to do is write your android code, convert it into dalvik executable (Dex) and then package and deploy to In-the-box on iPhone. Build the binary application, sign it and submit it to App Store.
You can watch it in action below and get started with a hello world app written in java (Android) and run on iPhone.

2nd way-How To: Install Android On iPhone 3G Using iPhoDroid

Yesterday we have reported the release of iPhoDroid 1Shot R13, The application for Windows that allows you to install Android on your iPhone 3G. However the many bugs , did not allow multiple users to complete the installation. The developer then has released two more updates, coming up to version iPhoDroid R13k represents a major upgrade since it includes many fixes.

Here is the step by step how to install Android on iPhone 3G using iPhoDroid R13H fro windows:

Step 1: Download iPhoDroid R13k for windows.
Step 2: When launching the application on Windows 7 you may have a strange error says "Apha Expired! New Release available"
you can simply solve it by clicking of the clock at the bottom right and change the current date. Just go back only a month. Try to open the application again and you should not have any problems.
Note: when I tried to run iPhoDroid 1Shot R13h on my Windows 7, I got an error message says "Your computer is blocked to run this application", if you see this error, you simply have to right click on the iPhoDroid icon, then choose "run as administrator".
Step 3: When you open
the iPhoDroid, you will see a screen like this.

Step 4: Connect your iPhone via USB to your computer and click on "Shoot" .
Step 5: After a few seconds it will detect the iPhone then it will start the process of extracting the necessary drivers and files for the Android touchscreen, this procedure takes a few minutes but it is completely automatic, you have only to watch it.

Step 6:The iPhone will reboot automatically and will enter into Recovery Mode.
Step 7: Start again iPhoDroid.exe and click "Exit Recovery Mode" to start the iPhone.

Step 8: The process is completed and now you finally have your Android on iPhone 3G.
Note:2nd Ways guide is only for the iPhone 3G.

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